Friday, November 4, 2011

Back to Blog / Work Plan Update

The Thai government has extended the holidays for universities until Nov. 14 this year because of the flooding situation, which still is a problem in Bangkok, of course, and in many parts of the country. Naresuan University has not been affected by flooding, but the many reservoirs and canals on campus had been filled to their limits. Now the situation is easing day by day.

A map of the flood regions can be found here:

An update of SIRM preliminary working plan:

  • Ontology Manifolds, a new class of dynamic ontologies created with crowd's cooperation 
  • Ontology-driven systems (e.g. search system for regional attractions and recommender system for the elderly)
  • iPad solutions for primary school pupils (the new government has announced the policy of distributing iPads to grade 1 students recently)


  1. Anonymous08:23

    What happened to FOODS system? Has it been finished? Is anyone using it?


  2. It's now part of a PhD project which goes beyond FOODS in that the project incorporates the area of different lifestyles as well.