Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who drives software innovation?

Bruce Richardson has an interesting point to make - more than one, actually - about who will continue to drive software innovation. In his blog, he analyzes the smaller/faster vs. the bigger/more influential organizations.

The question remains somewhat open to markets like Thailand, where a lot of localized SW versions are implemented that are not merely versions of smaller/faster or bigger/more influential drivers but new solutions on its own.

One result of this local kind of driving force is a novel ontology on lunisolar calendar data, which is populated with the help of a astronomical algorithm. With this ontology it should be easy to provide a basis for different applications, e.g. the data preparation of log files in societies with lunisolar calendars. One could easily discard data from holidays derived from lunar phases etc.

Interesting information about lunar calculations can be found on Andy Hoerstemeiers instructive site.

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